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Here are 5 reasons to stop using #WhatsApp. In light of recent events, you can apply this to Facebook Messenger as well.

Neither WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are #privacy friendly.


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FediBlock: trans-/queermisia, racism, etc.

in essence, all users interact with kiwifarms users and ramble on about hating minorities, especially trans folks.

be advised: the screenshots contain slurs and other crap.

#FediBlock :fedi_block:

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If you find drag offensive, have you considered the problem is you, not the person in drag?

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Nothing like leaving my current job to finally get me to document all that stuff I've been meaning to document... I probably owe whoever takes my job a proactive apology.

Tonight's the night (if you are in WI), get out and vote!

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Want to see a GREAT mobile installation approach for your ICOM 7300? Michael, N1ERA, knows how to do it!


So I just found out that there is a ShrekRave in Milwaukee??? On the 3rd? Anyone want to go?

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The problem with DevOps is developers will literally log into their DE as root and chmod -R 777 ~ to fix problems.

My presence grows and it's all your fault @cyra :P


Slowest(dot)Network. Probably the fastest slow network you've ever interacted with!