"Look at you!, You're like a cat caught with their paw in the catnip jar" 🙀😹

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Another day, another 0day exploited in the wild, this time for Exchange.


If you have on-prem Exchange port 443 exposed, assume breach. There's no patch, so mitigate in place and search for IOC's. Then... start the migration project.

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Remember when not wanting to get COVID was considered normal behaviour? No one asked why you wore a mask or why you didn’t want to meet at a restaurant. Good times.

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Feeling misunderstood or ignored can be highly triggering to someone who grew up in an environment where they were not accepted or had to hide parts of themselves out of survival.

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Requesting members of a community wear masks so that everyone can safely access essential spaces like medical facilities, pharmacies, schools, transit, & grocery stores is not a big ask. Your comfort is not more important than someone else’s life. It’s just not.

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I'm engaging in a lot of encounters lately where people see me masked and ask "oh should I grab a mask?" And I know it comes from a good place, but it can be really exhausting. Why? Let's talk about access labor. 1/10

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Perrottet and Rockcliff are pushing to completely scrap isolation for those infected. This is complete madness. Haven't they seen the situation in the UK? The NHS is in desperate strife and case numbers in the UK are starting to go up again.

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80km zone, 🚧Roadworks 60,40, End of Road Works 80, 🚧Road Work zone 40, 60, 40, End of Road Works 70.... Jesus, just pick a speed 🤦‍♀️

An update on this; Looks like Slater and Gordon are organizing a class action against

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Optus employee Gladys Berejiklian has been asked to give a daily update on hacking numbers

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My mutuals include people that say "nya nya nya :3" all day, people that run vital internet infrastructure, and actual wanted by the state blackhat hackers, most of them in overlapping groups

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Optus says the hacker was "not advanced". So wtf does that make Optus?

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“Optus is offering the most affected current and former customers whose information was compromised because of a cyberattack, the option to take up a 12-month subscription to Equifax Protect at no cost.”

Didn’t they also get hacked about 5 years ago?

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So.. Who's organising the class action lawsuit against and when?

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Wild conspiracy theory time. One of the big 4 banks did a risk assessment and worked out that a ransom of $1mil USD would have been cheaper than fixing their processes to prevent fraud, so paid it on behalf of Optus. twitter.com/joshgnosis/status/

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Tip for autistic inertia that may or may not work for you:

When I'm feeling really stuck and I have list of things in my head that I "need" to do, I try to pick the one that has 1 step.

Doesn't matter if it's easy or difficult in other ways, just that it's only 1 step.


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The Autistic truth of masking so heavily for so long, that you’re used to living in a perpetual state of quiet, extreme discomfort. So much so that it’s your normal. So you scratch your head at how others explain masking, because to hurt is just existence to you.

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Some people don’t seem to understand that autism is all about extremes. Hating noise and needing noise are equally autistic. Never speaking and speaking a lot are equally autistic. Struggling to be empathetic and being so empathetic it overwhelms you are equally autistic.

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