i love becoming the sole maintainer of a halfway decent gitignore master list for $dayjob. thankfully my team all uses the same editors and the same tools

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Working on replacing my car, and FUCK is it difficult to find something in budget that i know will be reliable.

Faux Fur and Friends:
This is their donation page on their website.

Black Lodge Research:
We accept Donations via paypal, at the following email address.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):
Donations can be done directly through their website, at the following link.

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Faux Fur and Friends, a fox rescue org in Florida. I've been supporting them where I can, and they're working on acquiring a large plot of land to turn into a fox sanctuary. Also their foxes are very very cute and adorable, you should follow their social media pages anyway to get cute fox pics.

Black Lodge Research, The local Makerspace where I meet up with a lot of my friends and work on projects and things. We are being forced to look for a new space soon as our current landlord is selling the building and we have a move-out date of spring of next year, and that's gonna need a decent amount of money in the bank.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), These guys, gals, and nonbinary pals are awesome, and do what they can to stand up for digital rights and freedoms online. Their page sums up what they do better than I can, eff.org/about

Thanks for reading if you have this far. Go out and do good things for others.

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Hey Y'all,
My birthday is coming up, and I don't really like celebrating it, not really one for presents and cake and parties and stuff, so if you had thought about getting me something, I appreciate the thought, but I would much rather you donate to one of the following Nonprofit Organizations. All donation info will be in the thread below...

So uh. Satisfactory is good for disassociating into and losing track of time. Just whatever you do, don’t ask about how much time I’ve spent in the last 48 hours playing this game.

I /realllllly/ need to stop putting off work during the day just for me to do that days work at 2 AM that night... I think this is day 3 of doing this in a row?

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The problem with DevOps is developers will literally log into their DE as root and chmod -R 777 ~ to fix problems.

Hey look I finally did the thing. Time to start working on this to clean it up some and get everything how I like it. Also have dog photo because I need to test S3


Slowest(dot)Network. Probably the fastest slow network you've ever interacted with!